Double test success for Waterlogic Firewall with the World Health Organization

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Press Release – Double test success for Waterlogic Firewall with the WHO (World Health Organization) and renowned American microbiologist Dr. Gerba:

Waterlogic WHO Certified
Waterlogic FireWall 99.9999% bacteria free!

After numerous tests around the world, the Waterlogic Firewall has continuously proven its effectiveness against bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Recent WHO tests established Waterlogic Firewall was the only drinking water UV purification system that met their strict international requirements for water treatment technologies, achieving the highest marks with 99.9999% reduction in bacteria and 99.999% in viruses. Read the full report on the WHO results and the Dr. Gerba study: http://waterlogicusa-news.com/1HZ6-3XT7Z-L1PWGP-1X674M-1/c.aspx

Dr. Gerba, renowned American microbiologist, performed a test to study

Waterlogic WHO Certified
Waterlogic Firewall Certified 99.999% bacteria free

the effective use of ultraviolet light within a faucet (tap) to eliminate Pseudomonas aeruginosa in drinking water. The Waterlogic Firewall coolers passed with flying colors! Absolutely NO Pseudomonas aeruginosa was detected in the 30 different Waterlogic Firewall dispensers that feature UV light.

Dr. Charles Gerba reported at the conclusion of the study,

“In terms of removing viruses and bacteria, Firewall is as good, if not better, than boiling the water for 1 minute.”

Tests Conducted by Dr. Charles Gerba – Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, University of Arizona. April 2015

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